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Read about where they dream of traveling in the world.

“I would really like to go  to  the  Mediterranean,  places  like Greece or Italy. I have taken courses in ancient Greek mythology and  Roman/Greek  archeology  and  have learned how modern society has largely  developed  from the Greeks. It would be awesome to go and see all of the ancient structures that have been there for thousands of years, where modern civilization. started.  I  love  the  idea  of seeing different cultures  that  haven’t been influenced by West.” -Elizabeth LaCoste, Flute

“I do not get to travel a lot but I want to backpack around Europe, more specifically Italy. On my mom’s side, there’s still family in Polermo, Sicily. I want to get to know more about my family’s cultural history. .” -Freddy Hernandez, Bass

“I have always wanted to go to Kyoto, Japan to see the cherry blossoms. But a big thing that I want to do is go back to Europe. In high school, I went to Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg with my orchestra. I was pretty young and was not as educated in music as am I today. I knew how to play, but I didn’t understand music history and culture. I have matured a lot since then and it would be a lot more enriching to go now.” -Richard Dobeck, Clarinet

“I would love to go back home to Hawaii to be surrounded by my friends and family. Everything about it screams home to me, like the mountains and the beaches. It really is a paradise that everyone should get to experience. I would also love to travel to Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. Europe, and Japan, are also on my bucket list! ” -Chris Fujiwara, Oboe

“I have traveled to Europe a fair amount, even lived there briefly, and will continue to expand my love for this continent. South America is also in amazing place to explore over and over again. But I would love to go to Japan. It just looks like a place that I would love because of the hustle and bustle of its cities.”
-Nicolas Bejarano, Trumpet

“So far, I have really enjoyed Asia because I go often to see my family. I embrace different cultures, foods, and traditions and I want to learn as much as possible. I have extensively been to China, but I love Japan because there are so many new and different things than the US. It is important to travel to different countries in order to gain a new perspective on the world and others.” -Jaimee Cao, Violin

Osaka Japan
Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

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