Virtual Know Before You Go

Make Concerts at Home Special!

Though we miss performing for audiences in-person, we still want to help make your AYS concert at home a night to remember. Attending a virtual concert at home has many perks, including lounging on a comfy couch! Here are a few things we recommend to make your virtual concert at home fun:

    • Hi-low fashion: dress in your favorite concert-going outfit OR lounge in your comfiest clothes
    • Try a new Mocktail or Cocktail recipe, like this one.
    • Order a Watch Party Package and enjoy a special treat– see below.
    • Clap whenever you want! 
    • Add comments to the chat on YouTube.  Let us know from where in the world you are viewing! 
    • Invite friends and family to watch the concert together. Call or Zoom each other afterward to chat about your favorite parts.
    • Share your viewing experience with the AYS community by posting a picture on social media! Tag us at @AYSymphony and use the hashtag #AYSFallConcert

Support AYS and enhance your concert experience by purchasing one of two Concert Watch Party packages. Click here to order!

Duet Dinner

Enjoy a 4-course dinner with wine, plus keepsake AYS wine glasses. Catering by premier-chef, Maxine Banks. Orders placed by 10/18.

Snack Pack

A surprise collection of AYS swag, snacks, and goodies. Enjoy a hearty amount of delicious snacks for two… *if* you want to share, that is. Orders placed by 10/21.

Technology Recommendations

Pre-Concert Livestream

    • Set a reminder for the concert on your YouTube account by clicking here. Once on the AYS YouTube page, click on “Set Reminder” and YouTube will notify you when the concert is about to be LIVE in your time zone. 

Note: If you don’t have a YouTube account you can still watch the concert!

    • Have a plan for how you will watch the concert. First, decide which device you will be using for video and audio. Next, choose where to set it up to ensure you are comfortable during the concert. We also recommend doing a test before the concert begins. You can try another one of our YouTube videos as a test. Go to our channel by clicking here- www.youtube.com/aysymphony.

Video Quality

    • For a more immersive experience, we recommend watching virtual concerts on a desktop computer or TV screen using Google Chrome. Select the full-screen icon in the bottom right corner of the video.
    • The speed of your internet connection will determine your video quality. If you are experiencing low quality or grainy footage, your internet connection may be slow. Try refreshing your browser and turning wifi off on any other unused devices. 
    • Within the limits of your internet speed, you can control the video resolution by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the video. After clicking, select a video quality other than “Auto.”

Sound Quality

    • We work hard to bring you the best sound quality for all concerts! Use your best headphones if watching the concert alone. If watching in a group, connect your device to a great bluetooth speaker for optimal quality. 
    • If you can’t hear the video, here’s what we recommend:
      • Check the volume on your device. Then check the volume on YouTube by clicking on the microphone in the bottom left corner. 
      • If that does not work, check that the correct speaker or headphones are successfully paired with or connected to your device.

AYS Commitment to Health & Safety

AYS is committed to the health and safety of our musicians, staff, audience members, and all people and has established a COVID-19 acknowledgement and event guidelines that all people who interact with us in-person must abide by. Read the ways we plan to uphold health and safety when interacting in person below: 

    • AYS Director of Orchestra Operations completed COVID-19 Compliance Officer training and will be the on-site COVID-19 Compliance Officer for all in-person events throughout the pandemic. 
    • Frequent cleaning and disinfecting will be done of all high-traffic/high touch point areas.
    • Adequate time will be planned during the events to allow for proper cleaning and decontamination.
    • Personnel are advised to stay home if any symptoms related to COVID-19 are experienced.
    • AYS staff, volunteers, musicians, vendors, partners, and anyone entering the spaces will be temperature checked and screened upon arrival before being allowed to enter work spaces. 
    • A minimum of 6 feet distance will be maintained between each person at the events. 
    • A minimum of 8 feet distancing will be maintained for music-related productions, for brass and wind sections, singers, and engineering controls.
    • Face coverings/masks will be provided by AYS as needed.
    • Face coverings will be worn by everyone at the events.
    • Signs and posters will be posted at all spaces, reminding participants of health and safety protocol.