Valerie Ankeney, horn

Age: 22 
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
School: Colburn Conservatory
Number of Years in AYS: First year

How did you pick your instrument?
When I was choosing my instrument, the sound of the horn didn’t compare to anything else. It was so beautiful and so was the instrument.

What is your favorite aspect of being a classical musician?
Sharing my passion of music with others is very important to me. Being able to communicate with the community through a universal language, which I consider music is really special. The quote “music speaks when words do not” is something that I think about every performance. Touching people in a way that nothing else can is incredibly special.

What do you hope to provide your audience with through your music?
When performing, my goals are to communicate to people with the highest level of artistry. In a difficult world, music will always speak when words do not and it is important to constantly have positivity and hope in the world. Touching people in ways that nothing else can is important when I share my music with others.