Annie Hyung, cello

Age: 17 
Hometown: Orange, CA
School: Beckman High School
Number of Years in AYS: 2

How did you pick your instrument? 
I began playing the cello in my middle school music program, because the director was in need of additional cellists! I quickly fell in love with the instrument and began private studies.

What is your favorite aspect of being a classical musician? 
I love the diversity of performance opportunities; solo, chamber, and orchestral performances are all so different, and I enjoy experiencing all of the contrasting atmospheres. The exhilaration of collaboration is especially incredible, and one of my favorite activities is working with other musicians.

What do you hope to provide your audience with through your music? 
I hope to communicate some kind of emotion through every performance. I personally believe that the greatest power of music is the ability to make others feel something larger than any individual, and it is an honor to be able to facilitate such an intimate relationship with an audience of strangers.