The Orchestra

The American Youth Symphony provides landmark Fellowships to musicians in high school through doctoral programs to prepare them for leadership in 21st Century orchestras and ensembles. Musicians receive in-depth exposure to the varied styles of symphonic music being performed today by professional orchestras, from classical masterworks to world premieres and innovative film scores. Competitively selected, Fellows receive a tuition-free scholarship, per-concert stipends, perform at renowned venues such as Royce Hall and Walt Disney Concert Hall, and work alongside world-class guest artists such as Daníel Bjarnason, Anna Clyne, Sarah Chang, Johannes Moser, John Williams, David Newman, Alan Silvestri, Charles Fox, and Lera Auerbach. Designed to challenge, nurture, and inspire, the American Youth Symphony is a musical laboratory where Fellows not only master their parts and develop a deep understanding of musical scores, but also explore their role as musician citizens within their community. At the American Youth Symphony, we aim to create leaders, innovative thinkers, and articulate communicators for the 21st century and beyond.

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2020/21 Orchestra


Gallia Kastner, Concertmaster, The David Frisina Concertmaster LAPO 1943-1978 Concertmaster Co-Sponsor & The Annica and James Newton Howard Concertmaster Co-Sponsor Chair
Michael Siess, Associate Concertmaster, The James & Ilene Nathan Associate Concertmaster Chair
Matthew Chang, Assistant Concertmaster, The Theodore J. Slavin & Marsha Calig Assistant Concertmaster Chair
Hannah Chou, The Shoshana Claman & Bill Sheinberg Violin Chair
Anna Kouchnerov
Sam Lorenzini
John Fawcett
Gabriel Tsai
Elizabeth Scarnati
Anthony Kukavica
Michael Freed
Justus Ross
Yaxin Tan
Tommu Su
Samantha Leitch
Christine Lee


Evan Johanson, Principal, The Anika Lorber Principal Second Violin Chair
Wenqi Ke, Assistant Principal
Elisa Jeon
Ani Sinanyan
Alan Wang
Ashley Kim
Sarah Bunch
Robert Gleiser
Oscar Martinez
Alexa Lee
Audrey Lee
Jasmine Kim
Madeleine Hogue
Isolde Fair


Katie Liu, Principal
Carson Rick, Assistant Principal, The Flinkman-Marandy Assistant Principal Viola Chair
Yun-Chieh Sung
Chanelle Huang
Alec Santamaria
Stefan Kosmala-Dahlbeck, The Richard Rintoul Viola Chair
Lorenna Garcia
Lu Walsted
Mercedes Quintana
Leonardo Santi
Cristian Contreras
Sarah Wilkinson


Alexander Mansour, Principal, The Bonnie Hartman Principal Cello Chair
Michael Ljungh, Assistant Principal, The Sheila Krasnoff Assistant Principal Cello Chair
Joel Shimada, The James H. Warsaw Cello Chair*
Ivan Wang, The Anne Warsaw Cello Chair**
Raymond Newell
Lukas Goodman
Alejandro Thompson-Sanchez
Angela Marvin
Lorelei Deutsch
Campbell Gardiner


Sam Miller, Principal Bass, The Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Principal Bass Chair
Evan Hillis, Assistant Principal Bass, The Bradley & Stephanie Penenberg Bass Chair
Luis Primera
Sukyung Chun
Christopher Baechtel
Jacob Kalogerakos
Moses Aubrey


Elizabeth LaCoste, Principal Flute, The Janneke Straub Principal Flute Chair
Sierra Schmeltzer, The Johnny Rotella Flute Chair


Marley Eder, The Johnny Rotella Piccolo Chair


Laura Arganbright, Principal Oboe
Evan Sanchez


VACANT, The Benny & Liliana Brittan English Horn Chair


Sérgio Coelho, Principal Clarinet, The Steven Linder & Michael Hanel Principal Clarinet Chair
Alexander Tu


VACANT, The Helgard Field Clarinet Chair


Tyler Baillie


VACANT, Principal Bassoon, The Peter Mandell & Sarah Coade Mandell Principal Bassoon Chair
Anne Ranzani


Miles Mateus


Valerie Ankeney, Principal Horn, The Vincent DeRosa Principal Horn Chair****
Jackson Prasifka, Assistant Principal Horn
Cristian Thomas
Elizabeth Linares
Rachel O’Connor


Forrest Johnston, Principal Trumpet, The Sue & Larry Hochberg Principal Trumpet Chair
Nicolas Bejarano, The Christy & George Short Trumpet Chair
Tyler Norris


Michael Dolin, Principal Trombone, Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS®
& The Rufo Family Trombone Chair

Tyler Norris

Cole Davis


Riley McGinn, The Gretchen & Randy Newman Bass Trombone Chair


Errol Rhoden, The Helgard Field Tuba Chair***


Jonathan Wisner, Principal Timpani, The Annie Gross Principal Timpani Chair


The Marilyn Ziering Percussion Section
Jeremy Davis, Principal Percussion
Arthur Lin
Nikolaus Kelelaghan


Alyssa Katahara, The Dretzka Family Harp Chair


Wan Rosalind Wong, The Henry Brittan and Maxwell Siemons Piano Chair

*In Memory of James H. Warsaw
**In Honor of Anne Warsaw’s 102nd birthday
***In Honor of Helgard Field
****In Honor of Vincent DeRos