AYS Commitment to Health & Safety

AYS is committed to the health and safety of our musicians, staff, audience members, and all people and has established a COVID-19 acknowledgement and event guidelines that all people who interact with us in-person must abide by. Read the ways we plan to uphold health and safety when interacting in person below: 

  • AYS Director of Orchestra Operations, Isabel Thiroux, completed COVID-19 Compliance Officer training and will be the on-site COVID-19 Compliance Officer for all in-person events throughout the pandemic. 
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will be done frequently of all high-traffic/high touch point areas.
  • Adequate time will be planned during the events to allow for proper cleaning and decontamination.
  • Personnel are advised to stay home if any symptoms related to COVID-19 are experienced.
  • AYS staff, volunteers, musicians, vendors, partners, and anyone entering the spaces will be temperature checked and screened upon arrival before being allowed to enter work spaces. 
  • A minimum of 6 feet distance will be maintained between each person at the events. 
  • A minimum of 8 feet distancing will be maintained for music-related productions for brass and wind sections and singers – or engineering controls, such as plastic barriers. 
  • Face coverings/masks will be provided by AYS as needed.
  • Face coverings will be worn by everyone at the events.
  • Signs and posters will be posted at all spaces, reminding participants of health and safety protocol.