The AYS “Share-A-Stand” (SAS) program provides in-school music education to three Title-1 LAUSD schools: Markham Middle School in Watts, Robert Frost Middle School in Granada Hills, and Griffith Steam Magnet Middle School in East Los Angeles. AYS orchestra members work with over 300 students each year, leading sectionals and masterclasses. Students also receive weekly music theory lessons from the SAS Lead Instructor, support the music curriculum and students’ individual creativity.

SAS Coach, Max Mueller leads students through a music theory activity.
Students in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall for an AYS concert.

Now that she plays music, she has started to take an interest in all sorts of creative hobbies. She plays violin but now she also sings and draws! This program and these field trips are a good influence.

– Nicole, Parent of a Share-A-Stand student

After seeing the emotion and expression a symphony can convey, I am inspired to learn how to arrange and compose my own music and express emotion through it.”

– Jocelyn, Share-A-Stand student