2023/24 Program Notes

Opening Night 2023

About Rosalind Wan Wong,
AYS’ 2023 Concerto Competition Winner:

Rosalind Wan Wong is an award-winning composer and pianist who enjoys performing solo concerti with orchestras, including Rachmaninoff’s 2nd with the Irvine Symphony, Mozart’s last piano concerto with UCLA Philharmonia, and Shostakovich’s Concerto for Piano Trumpet and Strings with Alias Brass’s Jon Bhatia. She has received accolades from numerous competitions and organizations beginning as early as elementary school, including those from the Quick Bowman Competition, Atwater Kent Competition, and Aspen Summer Music Festival. In 2017, she received her doctorate of musical arts under the direction of concert pianist Inna Faliks at UCLA and is now a regular member in the Sonnets and Sonatas series at the Getty Museum. An AYS alumna, she also served as the Henry Brittan and Maxwell Siemons Piano Chair at AYS from 2018-2022.